Weight Gain Blueprint

Weight Gain Blueprint

Struggling To Gain Weigt And Muscle?

You’ve been eating MORE and lifting MORE for weeks now and you’re just not packing on the muscle you expected. You’re getting told this and that by loads of different sources, with conflicting advice and nothing seems to be working. You’re buying expensive bulking supplements and programs and the results are showing.

This all sounds too familiar, right? Jeff Masterson was in the same boat, he’s been where you have and has created the Weight Gain Blueprint to help others change their body shape and get that physique that can be so hard to obtain – and he’s talking results within 19 weeks, personally gaining 38 pounds of muscle, shredding fat and looking amazing!

Part of the issue is, many of us listen to the big-bulked guys who found it easy to get that way and they can maintain it more easily than others. They’re the average dudes, but what about the ‘hard-gainers’ and the skinny guys to whom the generic ‘lift more, eat more’ doesn’t apply?

Take a look at Jeff’s personal experience and program to help you!



* Mistakes to Avoid – He’s been there and got ALL the T-shirts and takes you through all the pit-falls – supplementation that you SHOULD be doing for example, not just the ‘supps’ that will pocket the retailers the most money.

* 114 page E-book – This is a step-by-step guide based on Jeff’s personal journey. It walks you through the exact way to pack on pounds of muscle as fast as possible, it’s really easy to follow

* Anabolic Workouts – A fully-designed 26 week program loaded with the right workouts for skinny guys to build muscle, based entirely on Jeff’s journey

* Meal Plans – There’s no point lifting weights and exercising like mad if you’re not eating the right foods – it’s a 2-way street! Not everyone is the same, so the meal plan section has everything you need depending on your current goals and situation, all set out for you to follow. No longer do you have to research and plan out your meals, it’s done for you in the blueprint!

* Easy reference guide – Programs like this can be massively overwhelming and sometimes we need a simple reference point: ‘ok, so first I need to do this – BAM! DONE! Next, this…then step 3, and 4’ and so-on. All the thinking has been taken away for you so you can target your exercise, food and results.

* 100% Money Back Guarantee – It’s good to know that Jeff is so confident of his product that he’s willing to give an unconditional guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied with the product and results. He works on the basis that over the next 8 weeks, if you haven’t gained between 10 to 20 pounds AT LEAST of muscle, you’ll get your full refund, no questions asked

* Added bonuses – Along with the main program, you’ll also receive the following bonuses with a total value of $94.87 FOR FREE:

  • Weight Gain Progress Tracker ($19.95 value)
  • Muscle-Building Food Cheat Sheet ($26 value)
  • Easy Calorie Calculator ($28.97 value)
  • Jeff’s Hot Seat Interview ($19.95 value)


* Not For Everyone – If you’re a ‘normal’ person who can change the shape of your body through traditional techniques, then this isn’t for you. This is specifically designed for skinny, ectomorphs or ‘hard-gainers’, those who are really struggling to build muscle mass. Also, if you’re overweight and obese and trying to lose weight, lose fat and become healthier, this is not your program!



“Guys from all over the world are using the Weight Gain Blueprint program with huge success… Even after they’ve tried other diets… workouts… and supplements that have failed them in the past.”

Jeff Masterson
Former Skinny Guy & Muscle Building Coach
Creator of the Weight Gain Blueprint



34 pound gain so far… Everyone I know comments on how much stronger/bigger I look now.”

Verified Buyer

BOTTOM LINE: It can be really tough knowing what program to follow when you’re trying to go from skinny to muscular. Perhaps you’ve tried all the programs out there, but are they based on someone who has walked that same path you’re on? That’s something you should definitely be looking out for. So, if you’re that skinny, ectomorph, hard-gainer like Jeff Masterson, check out his Weight Gain Blueprint to assist you on your journey!

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