Is This The Ultimate Workout? BURN, BUILD AND BOOST

Could this finally be the ultimate home workout that you’ve been looking for? What if we told you that this incredible fat burning, muscle building and cardio boosting workout programme is based on a treadmill and dumbbells alone?

Jill Coleman seems to have created an incredibly simple yet effective program which you can tailor to your needs as necessary – so, let’s dive in and take a look at the details of Treadlift.


What is Treadlift?

Jill’s message is that this exercise program can be done by anyone of any level at any time, with an emphasis being on training smarter and not necessarily harder or longer. That’s because she’s put together a very simple yet effective series of workouts focusing on high-intensity and short duration using a treadmill and simple dumbbell exercises aimed at three different goals:

* BURN – Fat loss

* BUILD – Muscle Gain

* BOOST – Cardio Endurance

It’s a fact that ‘FAD’ diets do not work, yes they might have an impact in the short-term, however in the long-term consistency and solid, natural exercise and healthy eating will ALWAYS win. There’s no doubt about it! Treadlift works off this basis, with no claims of magic pills, fast fixes or non-sustainable routines. You can literally follow this program at YOUR pace! Be consistent, and results WILL happen.


Why Treadlift? PROS

* It focuses on YOU: not everyone enjoys exercise. The thought of training for over an hour a day is enough to put most of us off. Jill has stripped it back with the view that if you’re not enjoying your exercise, you’re not going to continue nor see results. So, her goal is to ‘make exercise enjoyable, while also getting the best results possible in the least amount of time’.

* Full tutorials: there’s an impressive 36 full-length workouts included in the program, all with detailed instructions. On top of that 65 weight training exercises split up into the different Burn, Build and Boost areas depending on your goals

* Program Calendar – this takes all the effort away from you, with 12 week calendars scheduled for each program, so you literally have to look at the day and do the workout. No creating of a workout plan yourself (so tiresome and daunting), just wake up, do and feel the results!

* Lifetime Access – $47 for life! That’s ALL!! There are many awesome exercise programs out there that really do work, but they require you to pay an initial fee and then a monthly retainer, which can be very costly. With Treadlift, you literally pay the one off fee and then get full access to the program FOR LIFE!

* Suited for all levels – The exercises are simple, so simple that anyone can do them. Yet, because they’re highly effective they will have the impact on the body that beginners and pros will both benefit. It really is about the basic, simple exercises that the body NEEDS to get results. So, no need to panic if you’re a newbie!

Why Not Treadlift? CONS

* Expensive equipment – If you’re interested in this program but don’t have the treadmill, then you’re looking at a larger outlay. But, treadmills don’t have to be expensive – you can pick one up for a couple of hundred dollars or less rather than thousands. Also, think about the amount you’d be saving each month by not paying a monthly gym membership which is likely to be the same as the bargain price of $47



  totally loved training with Jill! I could not believe the positive, awesome and life altering changes that I was able to make with my body and mindset with her short duration workouts.”

Lisa, 48

“I had never heard the concept of short burst, rest-based training until I started working with Jill 8 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. This style of exercise gave me the freedom to get an intense and effective workout while still respecting my individual body and its parameters.”

Alex, 22

CONCLUSION: It’s nice to see a totally stripped-back exercise program like Treadlift out there. There are so many complicated routines, but this one proves to be cost-effective, highly efficient and worth the value.

Jill Coleman has a solid background in the exercise, nutrition and sporting sectors and so you know you’re buying something based on expertise and knowledge rather than something run-of-the-mill (no pun intended!).

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