Muscle Gaining Secrets

Muscle Gaining Secrets

Are you Skinny? This is For You!

If you’re the type of person who is spending hours and hours in the gym, lifting as much as you can as often as you can and aren’t seeing the results, then you NEED to take a look at Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

This weights program is based on expert knowledge from someone who has been there and done it! From skinny to bulked, the program-creator at Renegade has the best experience needed for you to no longer have that depressing, skinny physique that you don’t like, but to shift into the muscular figure that you’re proud to see in the mirror.

It works since genetics plays a huge part of how our body reacts to certain workouts and exercise. What might work for a mesomorph (well-developed musculature) for example, might not work for an ectomorph (tall and slim) and most generic workouts out there are designed straight down the middle, this should work for everyone style of training. It doesn’t, it just simply doesn’t happen like that with the common mistakes being:

  • Too many reps and sets
  • Not cycling through the muscle groups correctly
  • Ignoring progressive overload

Don’t worry if you don’t know what these mean, let’s just focus on what you can expect from Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0



* 4 workouts a week – 45 minutes each – You should not be spending over an hour or nearly 2 hours in the gym each time lifting as many weights as possible, 6 days a week. Some trainers will tell you to do this but as a skinny person, you’re not going to hit those results. Here, you’ll have access to specific workouts, spread across only 4 days a week lasting 45 minutes each. Targeted and results-driven workouts. Nothing more, nothing less!

* Results in 60 days – Through personal experience and many, MANY testimonials, this program has been created so you can see huge results to your body in just a short 60 days! That’s impressive!

* No hidden extras – You’ll see many programs tie you in to ongoing payments or focusing on the need to buy supplements. Supplementation plays a part in daily health and exercise nutrition, however this program is just a barebones focus on the weights exercises you SHOULD be doing to go from skinny to muscular.

* 60 day refund – there it is again – 60 days! 60 days! 60 days! That’s because, the founder, along with hundreds of others, has had such huge personal success with this program that if you’re not satisfied after following this for 60 days, you can have your money back. This is a RISK FREE program to build muscle – you have NOTHING to lose!

* Media-coverage – It can be hard for you to know whether a program really is legitimate or not, however to know that Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 has been featured on the likes of ESPN and Men’s Health adds a huge amount of weight to the quality of this program!


This program is specifically for skinny guys. Techniques used are designed for people who are genetically designed to make it difficult for you to gain muscle.

If you are just looking for a ‘next step’ or are already making some muscle gains then this is probably not the perfect program for you.




all that’s required is four workout sessions per week–lasting just forty-five minutes each. And since you can expect to see significant results in just sixty days, you can take all the gym time you save, and use it to admire your newly bulked-up physique in the mirror for hours on end.”

Jason ferruggia – Muscle Gaining Secrets Creator
(coaching clients and transforming bodies since 1994)

“I have used Muscle Gaining Secrets with great success from the beginning to help pack on a solid 22 pounds of muscle. Not only has your program helped me personally, but by using the knowledge I gained have from reading your work to become a successful personal trainer with more than twenty clients, doing 120 plus sessions a month.”

Gary Gained 22 Pounds Muscle


The fact is, Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is based on personal experience. That’s a massive selling-point for this skinny to muscular weights program! You should definitely not be overlooking this if you’re tired of wasting hundreds of dollars in the gym and on supplements and false promises. Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 could be just what you’re looking for!

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