Mi40X System 2.0

Mi40X System 2.0

4 Minute Body Shredding Trick

Are you looking to pack on muscle in the shortest time possible? We all seem to be severely short on time these days and getting time in the gym is becoming increasingly hard. With this, experts such as Ben Pakulski look to align to our needs and the science behind the body and increasing muscle mass and getting leaner, without the need to spend hours in the gym, throwing supplements down our necks or jumping on ‘fad’ bandwagons.

The Mi40x program focuses on making the body enter a state called ‘hyper-recovery’ which sends the body’s recovery time through the roof for longer. Your time at the gym should be about stimulating the muscles into growth, your muscles then build during recovery. So, by increasing the effectiveness of the recovery period, your body’s ability to put on muscle increases.

How does the 4 minute trick come into play? The last 4 minutes of exercise makes all the difference, containing 205% more muscle gain than the rest of your workout. Now, traditional training basically teaches us that lifting weights tears muscle fibres and puts the body into a ‘crisis mode’. Through the repair process, the cells in the muscle enlarge however this period is limited between your workouts. Mi40x changes this up by using Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP), which is triggered during the critical 4 minutes.

CEP puts every cell in every muscle into hyper-recovery mode without tearing down the fibres and losing the post-workout ‘pump’. Instead you’ll be left with the constant expansion and a constant pump! CEP produces far more myo-satellite cells than traditional training, the cells that repair the muscle damage, therefore faster recovery and faster growth.

What’s included?

Not only do you gain access to Ben’s years of experience and expertise in the industry, you also receive:

1. Rapid Start Action Plan – 5 minute video getting you starting with CEP in minutes! Perfect if you’re pushed for time!

2. Mi40 CEP Training Blueprint – a perfect bible if you’re like most people and need that step-by-step, hand-holding guide to get CEP working for you, full of excellent instructions on how to get that perfect body you want.

3. Nutrition Plan – CEP training works perfectly combined with the right nutrition plan. The amount of muscle you bulk is all dependent on the amount and quality of your food intake.

4. Video Training Library – every exercise from Ben himself broken down in to 3 phases and can be utilized if you’re a newbie, have a bit of experience or are a total pro!


Ben takes you through the importance of body position and angles and exactly why CEP works and how the key 4 minutes of weight training has such an impact. It’s not just words or a written guide, but you can see exactly how this is achieved with the included videos.


This is a very scientific method of increasing muscle mass and in a very time-efficient manner, so it’s possible to feel a little daunted with the Mi40X CEP program. But the awesome thing is, with the vast detail and video guides that are included in the package, you won’t feel like you’re swimming with the sharks.


“This secret takes you EXACTLY 4 minutes to do

Today you’ll witness a bizarre new cutting-edge technique used by pro fitness athletes and movie stars to pack on muscle faster than most so-called experts think is possible.”

Ben Pakulski, pro body builder & fitness coach


“However, here’s what I’ve NEVER SEEN:

In over 15 years of training, I’ve never seen anything come close to
this almost ALIEN method of gaining muscle.”

Ben Pakulski, pro body builder & fitness coach,

BOTTOM LINE: This is an incredibly clever and seemingly revolutionary weight gain program aimed at saving time and focusing on using the body’s natural recovery process without the need for heavy supplementation or magic pill formula. Mi40X CEP has clearly been well-researched and tested by Ben through his university program and students – most definitely worth taking a look at and trying it out risk free!


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