Anabolic Running

Anabolic Running

16 minutes To Change Your Body

The program has been designed by Joe LoGalbo, a guy who was massively into his running and went full-on training towards a half marathon – something most of us just aspire to! Now, with that training you’d expect to develop a lean and toned body with lots of increased energy and high testosterone levels – right? Not in Joe’s case…read his story and how he discovered Anabolic Running

Joe’s body was retaining fat and he was becoming severely unhappy. He wasn’t seeing the results he expected to say the least. Not only that but his sex life was down and out and his marriage was failing. He then stumbled across a research paper that suggested testosterone levels in endurance athletes was much lower than ‘couch potatoes’, the hormone which is vital for so many reasons!


With that, Joe developed the Anabolic Running program, which takes you well into your lactic threshold, meaning a huge increase in testosterone levels. Not only will your body see a huge increase in lactic acid, but also nitric oxide, which allows the blood vessels in your body to relax, increasing blood flow around the body. This for just an extra 16 minutes PER WEEK!!

How Can This Benefit You?


* Personal Experience – Joe has hands-on personal experience as to why traditional running was changing his body shape for the worse and impacting his testosterone levels and therefore his personal life.

* Scientific Research – He’s also researched into the science, based on the findings by well-known experts such as Patrick McKeown, British Journal of Sports Medicine and the US National Library of Medicine – all backing the findings of anabolic training and breathing and the increase in testosterone levels, nitric oxide and reaching the lactic threshold.

* Mistakes to Avoid – He’s been there and seen it. Through this program he’s encountered many others who have had the same experience. So whether you’re in that situation currently or are looking into running to improve the male sexual function or to improve your physique, you should take a look at Joe’s findings.

* Very Affordable – This is a bargain program loaded with information and techniques that will last a lifetime. It’s massively lower than any running club or gym membership that you’d normally pay for.

* Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not entirely satisfied, all you need to do is send an email to Joe or his team and you’ll have your refund. We’re confident you won’t need it though, not after you’ve tried the techniques he takes you through.

* Bonuses – Not only will you receive a HUGE amount of information and help in the Anabolic Running program, but you’ll also gain access to these crazy bonuses FOR FREE (total value of $100!!)

o Shock & Awe Strength (Values at $27)

o Testosterone Hacker Handbook (Values at $27)

o Indoor Anabolic Running (Values at $19)

o 17 Foods to Boost Libido (Values at $27)


* Not For Die-Hard Runners – If you’re a runner through and through, and just love getting out there and running as much as possible, as often as possible then this isn’t your thing. This program is about gaining the benefits of cardio but running less.

* Repetitive – Like any program, following the same thing for long enough is likely to produce boredom and eventually lower results on the body, however the results from Joe and others speak for themselves.



“….this testosterone-pumping trick is simple to use and takes 16 minutes per week. And if you’re thinking this is some type of basic interval training program, please think again.”

Joe LoGalbo (Author Anabolic Running)

“Increased blood lactate concentration has been suggested as a primary stimulus for the exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR)….lactate could play a major role in the EIGR in humans.”

Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance
Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

BOTTOM LINE: With scientific backing and personal research and experience, it’s hard to knock this Anabolic Running product. It might not be the thing you’ve been looking for, but for an extremely low $17, with lots of bonuses and a money-back guarantee it’s definitely worth looking in to!

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